A J M Additives, Inc.

Comprehensive Additives Solutions



A J M Additives Inc. is a Corporate Member of STLE.


Global Supplier of Technologically Advanced Additives

Provides Quality Additives for lubricants, rust preventives, corrosion protection, cleaners and other functional fluids.


Source For :

 A J M sulfurized EP lubricant additives, including

low odor and light color, for both neat and soluble



 Oxy Wax HYPAX oxidate derivatives & A J M sulfonates (including thixotropic), and wax

emulsions for rust preventives, lubricants,

mold release agents, hydraulic fluids and other

functional fluids.


 DESILUBE sulfur phosphorus & amine EP lubricant additives (including chlorine replacements).


 A J M tackifiers, mist suppressants, and pour point depressants.


 A J M Additives Inc. & Magnum International slack wax and chlorinated paraffins for EP.


 CRISTOL phosphite anti-oxidant.

A J M Additives Inc.

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